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Mary Taylor

Mary is an active writer and has been published in many print medias such as Choices Newspaper and Eye For The Future. 

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Who is Mary Taylor and what makes her an expert on seduction?

At only nineteen years of age, Mary Taylor was a divorced single mother who needed a better way to provide for herself and her child than her low-paying part-time job as a medical receptionist. But nothing in her traditional Catholic, Italian-immigrant background prepared her for a career she was soon to adopt. A chance encounter brought her to the office of veteran stripper Lori Lane, who soon persuaded Mary that her youthful beauty could more than quadruple her current earnings. The adrenaline high from the first performance and the standing ovation from a room full of enthusiastic men got her hooked and a lucrative new career was born.

Throughout the seventies and eighties, the exotic dancing industry was changing rapidly, and the glamour and excitement that first drew her in was disappearing.  Feature dancers like Mary were the last reminders of a colorful burlesque past, and they had to travel further and further from home to earn a living. Table dancing, and later lap dancing, had changed exotic dancing from stage play to little more than foreplay. Finally, after
twenty-one years, Mary got out.

Faced with the same challenge she faced as a nineteen-year-old single mother, Mary searched for a new career path. But what do twenty-one years as a stripper prepare you to do?

Teach others to strip, that’s what! The women Mary met were fascinated with her past and wanted to learn the techniques professional dancers use to entice men. Perhaps they sought the fearless self-confidence Mary displayed, or sought to unleash their hidden seductive powers. Not one to miss an opportunity, Mary created her fun and instructional “Peel and Play” workshops in early 1999. Since then, Mary has helped thousands of women overcome their fears and gain self-confidence as they practice moves such as “stirring the pot,” “the queen’s wave” and, with the steadfast assistance of Bob the Dummy, the popular  “boobs on Bob.”

Her video The Art of Seduction and CD Sounds of Seduction have brought her lessons to a wider audience. Now her new book Bedroom Games – Stripteases, Seductions and Other Surprises to Keep Your Partner Coming Back for More makes her inspirational message and easy-to-learn, sure-fire seductive techniques available to every woman in North America. Our love lives will never be the same!

As founder of the Exotic Dancers Association of Canada, Mary continues to be active as an advocate for the rights of exotic dancers as she works with local agencies to improve dancers’ frequently miserable working conditions. Her public speaking engagements are growing more popular and attracting increasing attention from the public and the media.

Mary lives in the countryside with Keetah her German Shepherd one hour from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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