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Mary Taylor

"You can take the girl from the strip club but not the strip from the girl" -Steve Payne, Toronto Sun


Live Girl Productions

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What is the media saying about Mary Taylor
Mary has appeared on many Television shows including Life Network, To Tell The Truth, Current Affair, Breakfast Television, City Pulse and the Discovery Channel.

Radio shows include Q107, CBC Radio, Playboy Radio, KISS FM and CFRB.

She has been a media darling in many magazines and newspapers!  Maxim, Playboy, Playgirl, Redbook, National Post, Globe and Mail, Detroit Free Press, Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun. Just to name a few!

She's got a unique story and it's appealing because it's sex...
Betsy Powell, Toronto Star

...she's positioned herself as an expert source on the whole stripping industry, which is smart because she'll be able to share a voice on those issues.
Carolyn Kilbourne, Vice President, Media Profile

(After airing a story about Mary Taylor) we were inundated by requests from people who wanted to get in touch with her.
Karen Murray Associate Producer, SEXTV

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